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POPS Store

For Patches & Stickers simply email me ( with quantities, then:
PayPal: ( or Venmo: (TopPOPUSA) the amount, or you can mail me this form with a check.


Stickers: $3

Patches:  $5

- All three styles of shirt are made using a breathable polyester micro fiber mesh material specially treated with a wicking finish for performance wear, which makes the Polo perfect for golfing as well.  The wicking finish also adds to the comfort of this fabric.
- These are not your basic "boogie" shirt with a silk screen design that will wear off after a few washings.  The new shirts are made using Dye Sublimation.
Dye sublimation is a full color printing technique that transfers the design into the fabric using precise heat and pressure. The dye particles convert into a gas, where they bond to the polyester fibers.  It is this absorption through the fabric that gives it a soft-to-the touch feel.

- The “Underlayer” is meant to be worn under your jumpsuit.  You could also use this shirt for jogging or going to the gym.  It is very "form fitting" so if you want it a little "looser" you may want one size up.

              Shirt orders must be made online at:

Ladies Polo

Ladies Tshirt

Mens Polo

Mens Tshirt

Polo sizing chart

Add to left sleeve: your name, POPS number, Team name...

Tshirt sizing chart

*thanks to Greg and Ethan for letting me use their shirts as models

Here are a limited number of other patches and stickers I have for sale.

Stickers: $3
Patches: $5


SOS Store

As of 21 Aug 2019:

For SOS T-shirts, Golf-Shirts, patches, and decals contact Pat Moorehead, SOS #1:

SOS Stickers(decals): 1 for $2    or   3 for $5

JOS Store

<contact Russ Manhold>


Order from: 

Cheryl Whitford 
JOES/JONS Administrator 

404A Buttonwood Lane

York, PA 17406

                              JOES Decal             JOES Patch

JONS patch.jpg

                  JONS Decal          JONS Patch

e-mail Cheryl Whitford:

NOTE: Orders to ship to addresses outside of USA contact Cheryl via e-mail to calculate shipping charge and arrange payment via PayPal. 

  • JOES DECALS   4.25 inch diameter USD $2.00 each or 3 for USD $5.00 (includes shipping in US)

  • JOES PATCHES 4 inch diameter      USD $10.00 (includes shipping in US)

  • JONS PATCHES 4 inch diameter      USD $10.00 (includes shipping in US)

  • JONS DECALS   4.25 inch diameter USD $2.00 each or 3 for USD $5.00 (includes shipping in US)

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