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19-26 Aug 2022 -

15th    World    POPS    Meet and Championship

2020    MOVED to 2022

at Netheravon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

training days:            19 Aug

opening ceremony:  19 Aug

   Competitions:        20-25 Aug

closing ceremony:    25 Aug

organized trip:           26 Aug

records/fun jumps:    27-29 Aug

World Event Meet Web PageWorld POPS Meet | POPS UK (thepopsorg.wixsite.com)


Please register using the following link:

15th World POPS Meet and Championship 2022 Netheravon United Kingdom Registration (google.com)

All Competitors, Family & Friends, Judges and Camera flyers looking to attend the event, must be registered on the linked form, as we require all names for access to the site. (If we don’t have your names on the list, entry may be refused to the site).   


Any previous payments made to Skydive Buzz (Dunkeswell), will need to be discussed directly with the DZ owners. UK POPS do not have access to the funds paid to them.


We would kindly ask you to pay your registration fees sooner, as this will allow us to place deposits for catering and purchase of items needed for the event.


15th World Parachutists Over Phorty Society (POPS) Meet and Championship 2022, held at Skydive Netheravon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom between 19th Aug till 26th Aug 2022.




19th Aug (Kit and Docs, Training jumps, DZ will be open as normal)


19th Aug Opening Ceremony + Dinner (BBQ/Buffett self service) (Demo jump to Officially open the World Event). Draw for Scrambles. 


20th Aug till 25th Aug Competition Jumping (4 Way Scrambles, 4 Way Nationals Open (A Class) and 4 Way Nationals (Rookie), Precision Accuracy, Sports Accuracy, Speed Star (Scrambles) and Hit ’n’ Rock)


25th last day of competition jumping, closing ceremony + dinner (Sit down 3 Course Dinner + Entertainment) 


26th Aug Day Off (All competitors are stood down, organised trip) (DZ is closed for Competitors to allow DZ Staff prep for normal operations)


27/28/29th Aug (DZ is open as normal for fun jumping or record attempts)




Please do not arrive at the DZ before the 19th Aug as you will be refused entry to the site, as it is still an active Military camp. Any jumping before or after the dates above, require all local fees and club memberships to be paid.


Registration fee’s are still TBC but will cover for Competitors, Cameraflyers (covers goody bag, judges costs, medals, Buffet (Opening Night) + 3 Course Sit down Dinner & entertainment (last night), any additional facilities, and admin/staff costs). 


Registration fee for Partners, Judges etc still TBC (Buffet (Opening Night) + 3 Course Sit down Dinner & entertainment (last night), admin/staff costs, and any additional facilities and entertainment).(Competitors need to pay registration costs, including partners to the UK POPS Account).

Each competitor will be required to have a Full or Temp (1 month cover) British Skydiving Membership (before jumping), (the DZ Club Membership has been wavered for this event) 


Competitors are required to be POPS Registered Members prior to event registration. World Event Registration will close on the 22nd July 2022. Late registration maybe possible however, a goody bag and last night meal space might not be available. 


Registration costs will not be refunded.


AAD’s are mandatory at the DZ for all Disciplines 

3,4 OCT 2022     JOS World Records


JOS record attempts on October 3, 4 2022 at Skydive Deland, FL

Organizers :  Roger Ponce and Larry Thomas

Planes: Skyvan and otter.

Altitude: 15,000 feet with no oxygen

Registration to be determined later.

Pay for your own jumps.

Send all your information to Larry Thomas, elltee65@gmail.com .

Include in your information number of jumps, big way experience, records you have been on, slot you prefer.

Send all info to Larry Thomas by May 15, 2022.

7,8 OCT 2022     JOES World Records

Calling all JOES jumpers. If you are a JOES member we need you in Deland Florida  October 7,8 2022 at the Hall of fame event to try for a JOES world record. The current  world record is only a 6 way and we stand a good chance of being successful.


We have quite a few JOES people jumping so it is just a matter if getting some or all of you in one spot. (There is no Florida record at this time) If you are reasonably current or if you know someone who is, we would like to have you consider participating. 


Contact me, Cliff Davis: at davisoz@yahoo.com or 970-281-2390.

19-23 OCT 2022     JOS World Records


PASS IT ON. Put that date in your calendars, make your travel arrangements, and git on down to Texas for the new JOS world record! Same deal as always, happening with Jump For The Rose, and at SPXLD Rosharon, TX.

Boogie fee $125.00 this year. Send your fee/commitment to Joe Taylor asap and he'll compile the list of attendees and keep everybody posted.

We'll have a tunnel slot with Scott and/or Demo so let Joe know if you're interested in that.

Get current, visualize/perfect your perfect dock, and we'll all get new t-shirts.


19 - 26 Aug 2022  -                    2022 POPS World Meet, Netheravon, Wiltshire, England

27 - 29 Aug 2022 -                            records and fun jumps after

6-9  Oct  2022 -                         Hall of Fame, Skydive Museum, DeLand, FL

7,8  Oct  2022 -                         JOES World Records, DeLand, FL

19-23  Oct  2022 -                      JOS World Records, Rosharon, TX