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Sep 2021 - 

POPS TX Sequential Record  (postponed from 2020)

(April 2021)

Skydive Spaceland Houston, TX

Send your skydiving resume to Guy Wright



Sep/Oct 2021 -

30 Sep - 3 Oct

Triangle Skydiving Center, NC

The purpose of this camp will be for large formations and a Pops record.

Lots more to come on information.

Hotels, pig picking, hanger space for debriefing. A registration to be determined as we get closer to event. So all that have been learning to get better, this is your time. Come and Fly Your Stuff.

Jackson Hoffman org.

Chris Gay Org.

Andrew Draminski Org.

Brain Pangburn Org.

Jon Yonke Org.

Joe Thompson Org.

Michael Tomaselli camera

Denis Zhuravkov Camera

TSC 2 cameras


Oct 2021 -

7 -10 Oct

Perris, CA

Hall of Fame event

(and then Celebration in 2022 in Deland, FL)


11 - 15 Oct

Following the Hall of Fame event, there will be a JOS record attempt there at Perris, CA.

Contact Joe Taylor for more information.


Nov 2021 -

20 Nov

Perris, CA

Pat Moorehead turns 90!!

He will do 9 solo jumps, one for each decade.

He will be jumping out of an Otter, so you can join him on the plane, although not jump with him.  You can also get 8 other friends and make a 9way formation in the discipline of your choice.

Naturally there will be a party afterwards!



July 2022 -

15th    World    POPS    Meet and Championship

2020    MOVED to 2022

at Dunkeswell, United Kingdom

Registration for 2022 is open.

(No payment or deposit at this time)

training days:            TBD

opening ceremony:  TBD

   Competitions:        TBD

closing ceremony:    TBD

 CLICK HERE for more info and to register: 


More details will follow including an outline of events, competition draw, opening ceremony, competition schedule, price giving, and closing ceremony and dinner.


18 - 23 May -                             JOS record, Spaceland Houston, TX

Sep  -                                         TX Sequential record, Spaceland Houston, TX

30 Sep - 3 Oct -                        CRW camp and POPS CRW record, Triangle Skydiving Center, NC

7 - 10 Oct -                                 Hall of Fame event, Perris, CA


(dates TBD)  -                            2020 POPS World Meet, Dunkeswell, England