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FULL Calendar of Events

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21 - 23 Apr 2023                   Louisiana POPS, SOS, and USPA records

                                               What:  King Air weekend with Louisiana POPS,  SOS,

                                                            and USPA state record attempts

                                               Where:  Cloud Chasers Skydiving, Slidell Municipal Airport, Slidell, Louisiana

                                               When:  Friday April 21 through Sunday April 23, 2023

                                               Who:  POPS, SOS, and USPA state record organizing

                                                          on Saturday and Sunday by Greg Bryant and/or others

                                               Why:  There are not many existing Louisiana records,

                                                          meaning there are easily attainable records to be earned.

17,18 June 2023 -                      SOS record attempt, Garretsville, OH

                                                                    (here is the link:)

                                                    SOS Skydivers over Sixty Record Attempt | Facebook

26-27 Aug 2023 -                      First International SOS / JOS "Need for Speed" Event

                                                     2 rounds of 6-way Speed formations
                                                     Simultaneously (Same Weekend) at your Local Drop Zone
                                                     August 26th and 27th
                                                     A just for fun event to compete with jumpers around the world,

                                                     like Cloud Games
                                                     FFI: Mad John or Facebook IM

24-27 Aug 2023 -                      JOS/SOS record attempt, Youngstown, NY

                                                     (here is the link:)

                                                     JOS/ SOS Weekend at Skydive the Falls | Facebook

5 -7  Oct 2023 -                      SOS recognized at HOF event, Eloy, AZ

                                                     (here is the link:)


6 - 8  Oct 2023 -                      POPS & SOS record attempts, Jump Omaha, Iowa

                                                                   What: POPS and SOS Records Event

                                                                   When: Fri, Sat, Sun October 6-8, 2023.

                                                                   Where: Jump Omaha Skydiving, 3211 Loess Hills      Trail, Missouri Valley, IA. 51555

                                                                   Why: The First Annual ROAR Event, supporting survivors of Cancer and Domestic Abuse.

                                                                   Who: DZO Trina Zomers, Doug Lewis POPS SOS LO.





14 - 29 Feb 2024 -                      2024 POPS World Meet #16,  Villarrica, Chile

                                       These dates are part of an International Skydiving Festival. This includes an
                                       opportunity to compete in the

                                                     International Water Accuracy Landing Competition being held on the

                                                     14th Feb to the 18th Feb 2024,

                                       followed by POPS, straight after on the

                                                     18th Feb to the 29th Feb 2024.

                                       The 14th - 18th Feb will also be doubling up as training days for the POPS.

                                       Remember to stay current.

                                       If you would like to put together a US 4way FS team, let me know.

                                       I don't have any more details yet, but usually the competitions include:

                                       4way National and Scrambles teams

                                        Sport Accuracy

                                        Speed Star

                                        ....and always ending with the infamous Hit N Rock competition!

                                       Remember to get your US POPS shirt, the link is on the POPS Store page.

                                        Click on the PDF for TONS of information!

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