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Welcome to the POPS website
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Upcoming Events:

   World Meet 2024 


     Villarrica, Chile

Photo of the Month
World, National (US), & State (FL) records

Cliff Davis   Paul Hinen   Sky Huminsky   Woody McKay   Walt Green   Jim Culhane   Scotty Gallan   Ted Williams

Camera: Dean Nordstedt

At: Skydive DeLand, FL
                          7 Oct 2022

website created Dec 2018 
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I would love to have and/or see more POPS: Wingsuiters, CRW, MFS, XRW and anything else people are interested in.  I'll try to make it ALL happen!

- Guido - Top POP USA

POPS skydiving parachuting | Pops-usa
This page is for Parachutists Over Phorty years old.
We also have groups for Skydivers Over Sixty,
Jumpers Over Seventy,
Jumpers Over Eighty,
and even Jumpers Over Ninety.
All it takes is ONE jump and being 40 years old to start your journey with this org.

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