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Upcoming Events:

SpringFest 2020 

50th Anniversary 

  26 Feb - 1 Mar

  Lake Wales, FL

   World Meet 2020

   Dunkeswell, England

opening ceremony 7 Aug

   Competitions 8-15 Aug, 2020

closing ceremony 15 Aug

   (Team training 5-7 Aug, 2020, Draw on 7th)

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More details will follow including an outline of events, including competition draw, opening, competition schedule, price giving, and closing ceremony and dinner.

Photo of the Month

SOS  4pt 7way

27 Jul 2019

photo by: Bryan Thompson

If anyone has interest in POPS Wingsuit, POPS CRW, MFS, or ANYthing else, please contact me, let's start expanding our world!

 I created this site in Dec 2018 and wanted to have it up by New Years Eve, so it is still "under construction".  I still welcome your comments on how to improve the site, or what you would like to see both on the site and with POPS in general.  I have created some  HELP   videos on how to navigate this site as well as fill out the forms.


 Remember to REFRESH the page EVERY time you come to this website as I am CONSTANTLY updating it.  To refresh you can click the refresh button at the top of your browser, for Windows you can click CTRL-R, for Mac: Command-R. 


I have started asking around to find our POPS Wingsuiters, CRW, MFS, and anything else our people are interested in.  I'll try to make it ALL happen!  We have two meets set for 2019 so I'm aiming for the Spring of 2020!


Check out our Applications page, if you're already a POPS member, you can use this form to also UPDATE your info in about THREE minutes ONLINE!  If you've never received an email from me I don't have yours, if you've moved, changed your last name, I'll take ANY updates! (No fee to update your info)


If you would like to join our FB page: POPS-USA, please include your POPS number in the request, and then check your Messenger for any replies from me.  If we are not "friends" yet, my message might be in your "hidden" Messages.


I know there have been controversies about the records, so I have now gone through EVERY record that we have a paper or digital copy of.  I have updated the records pages as well as made an "Archives" page to show ALL the records!

- Guido - Top POP USA

   James "Guido" Davis

910 987 0654

PO Box 506

Wildomar, CA 92595

Facebook: POPS-USA

Guido TopPOP 

Photo by:  Randy Forbes