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JOES & JONS Applications

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(I made this video in 2020.  I was passing out a face mask with all new applications.  I believe everyone has one by now, but there is still some good info in the video.  I have added Venmo, in addition to PayPal, as a way to pay online!)

Focus of the video:
- How to use PayPal.
- How to find Facebook "Hidden" Messages.

Upcoming Events:

   World Meet 2024 


     Villarrica, Chile

Photo of the Month

JOS & SOS State (GA)

Camera: Jay Rebulanan & Jeff Napier

At: Skydive Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald, GA
                          17 &18 Mar 2022

If anyone has interest in POPS Wingsuit, POPS CRW, MFS, or ANYthing else, please contact me, let's start expanding our world!

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 I created this site in Dec 2018 and wanted to have it up by New Years Eve 2019.  Here we are in Jan 2021 and it is still "under construction".  I welcome your comments on how to improve the site, or what you would like to see both on the site and with POPS in general.  I have created some  HELP   videos on how to navigate this site as well as fill out the forms.


 Remember to REFRESH the page EVERY time you come to this website as I am CONSTANTLY updating it.  To refresh you can click the refresh button at the top of your browser, Windows: CTRL-R,  Mac: Command-R. 


I have started asking around to find our POPS: Wingsuiters, CRW, MFS, and anything else our people are interested in.  I'll try to make it ALL happen!


Check out our Applications page, if you're already a POPS member, you can use this form to also UPDATE your info in about THREE minutes ONLINE!  If you've never received an email from me I don't have yours, if you've moved, changed your last name, I'll take ANY updates! (No fee to update your info)


If you would like to join our FB page: POPS-USA, please include your POPS number in the request, and then check your Messenger for any replies from me.  If we are not "friends" yet, my message might be in your "hidden" Messages.


I know there have been controversies about the records, so I have now gone through EVERY record that we have a paper or digital copy of.  I have updated the records pages as well as made an "Archives" page to show ALL the records!

There are also now photos/videos for every record that I have media for, if you see a record that doesn't have accompanying images please send them my way!

POPS skydiving parachuting | Pops-usa
This page is for Parachutists Over Phorty years old.
We also have groups for Skydivers Over Sixty,
Jumpers Over Seventy,
Jumpers Over Eighty,
and even Jumpers Over Ninety.
All it takes is ONE jump and being 40 years old to start your journey with this org.

- Guido - Top POP USA